Information on leaving the Register including registration lapsing, requesting removal and guidance for students who wish to withdraw from their course. A registered person can ask to be removed from the Register at any time.

Removal by agreement - request for removal

If you don’t intend to practise in Wales anymore, you should ask to be removed from the Register.

You can request removal by logging in to your SCWonline and clicking ‘My Registration or Renewal’ selecting ‘remove’.

If you intend to practise in the UK outside of Wales you will need to register with:

Removal by agreement – Fitness to practise

For information on removal by agreement see Fitness to practise

Lapsing registration

You must complete your renewal at least 21 days before your renewal date. If you don’t, we’ll send you a notice of intention to remove your name from the register. It will also be sent to your last known employer. We can’t guarantee to process renewal applications in less than 21 days. Unless renewed, registration will lapse one day after your renewal date.

Lapsing means a person’s name will be removed from the register. They can’t legally practise in Wales as they’re no longer registered.

If your registration has lapsed and you need to return to the register you’ll need to:

  • submit a new application for registration
  • satisfy all requirements
  • supply your post registration training and learning record (PRTL).

Registered students who withdraw from their course

If you’re a student, your university will tell us if you withdraw from a course. We will then start the process to remove your name from the register. We’ll notify you when this is complete.