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Your responsibilities as a registered person

Information on your responsibilities as a registered person, including continuing professional development CPD (previously known as PRTL) and keeping your details up to date.

Following the Code of Practice

The Code of Practice sets the standards for all care professionals in Wales. You will also need to follow the practice guidance for your role. This supplements the Code with standards that are specific to your role.

If you don’t follow the Code you may be reported to us. If you see people doing things at work you think are unsafe, or things you wouldn't expect from a good social care worker, you should let us know.

As part of our responsibility to make sure social care workers on our Register have the skills, knowledge and character to carry out their work safely and effectively, we will use the Code when dealing with concerns raised about registered persons.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

All registered persons (except social work students) must keep a record of their CPD. You will need to show evidence of your CPD as part of your application for renewal.

  • Social workers and social care managers must complete 90 hours of professional development in each three-year period of registration.
  • Social care workers must complete 45 hours of professional development in each three year period of registration.

Your training and learning must be discussed and agreed with your manager before you submit it to us. We recommend that you regularly update your CPD records as you complete them, you can do this by logging into your SCWonline account.

You will need to record:

  • the date
  • name of training or learning
  • how long the training and learning was for
  • a brief description of how the training contributed to your professional development.

Read our guidance on continuing professional development (CPD).

Keep us informed of any changes

All registered persons must keep us informed of any changes in their information.

You must keep us informed of changes to your:

  • name
  • title
  • employment
  • home address
  • registration with another regulatory body
  • criminal record
  • health record
  • disciplinary record
  • contact details.

This should be done as soon as possible. Not telling us may result in being referred to a fitness to practise panel.

If you work in more than one regulated group, or you change the group you work in, you’ll need to change your registration.

You can view and update your details at any time in your SCWonline account in the ‘My Profile’ section.

The consolidation programme for social workers

The consolidation programme is a requirement for all social workers who qualified after 1st April 2016.

It must be completed in the first three years of registration.

This programme is the first part of continuing professional education and learning (CPEL). For more information on the consolidation programme for social workers see social work qualifications.

Providing evidence of your registration

You will receive an e-mail from us confirming your registration once it's been granted. We no longer give registration certificates.

If you need proof that you are registered with us login to your SCWonline account and go to ‘Proof of registration’.

You can also check your name on the Register.

Resources to help you

The Registration Essentials tells you more about what you need to know about your registration with us.

Contact us

If you have a question or if you can't find what you are looking for get in touch with us.

First published: 16 January 2017
Last updated: 30 October 2023
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