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Curated research

Minimum pricing for alcohol in Wales

Making alcohol less affordable is one of a number of policies aimed at reducing alcohol consumption and the harm associated with it. Find out more.

23 October 2020 | By Dr Wulf Livingston
  • Research and capacity to consent

    Research and resources on ‘capacity to consent’ to support involving people with making decisions as much as possible.

    12 August 2020 | By Dr Victoria Shepherd
  • Healthy ageing

    How to add life to the years rather than adding years to life. Find out more about research on healthy ageing.

    21 February 2020 | By Martin Hyde
  • The numbers of children who are looked after

    The number of children who are looked after has risen in the last decade. Find out more about the research behind the numbers.

    29 August 2019 | By Dr Martin Elliott
  • Research on loneliness

    Loneliness is a problem for people at all stages of life. Find out what research on loneliness is available.

    27 November 2018 | By Dr Deborah Morgan