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Digital maturity and literacy assessment

We’re working with an organisation called Basis to look at how we can assess digital maturity and literacy in the social care sector in Wales.

We want people who work in social care to help us develop a tool that’ll tell us more about the current digital skills of the workforce and how they can make the most of them.

What do we mean by ‘digital maturity and literacy’?

‘Digital maturity and literacy’ means the ability and confidence of an organisation and its people to use technology effectively and deliver value.

Why are we exploring options for a digital maturity and literacy assessment?

In 2023, we worked with Basis to review our options for supporting digital innovation in social care.

We found out that there are gaps in the skills the workforce need to support digital innovation in the sector.

One of the themes of our health and social care workforce strategy is building a digitally ready workforce that can deliver better outcomes for people and increase public confidence in the social care sector.

We know that to do this we need to help the social care sector develop the digital skills and confidence to make the most of the digital innovations that are available.

One of the opportunities we identified together was to promote inclusion and close the ‘digital divide’ by working with partners to produce a baseline assessment of digital maturity and literacy in social care.

A ‘baseline assessment’ will tell us what things are like now and give us a better idea of where to target support.

How are we exploring our options?

Alongside Basis, our focus is to work with the social care sector in Wales to understand how we can develop a meaningful approach to understanding things like:

  • how digital and technology resources are currently being used to add value to people’s care and support
  • the current digital skills and confidence of the workforce to use these digital resources
  • what further support is needed to support the workforce in using these digital resources.

To do this, we need your help to develop an assessment or a tool that’ll benefit the social care sector and support the delivery of better outcomes for people.

How you can help

We’d love to hear about your experiences of using digital technology to meet the needs of people you support.

If you’re happy to share your experiences and work with us on developing an assessment, please email us at workforcestrategy@socialcare.wales and we'll be in touch to arrange a conversation.

With your support from the beginning, together we can design a digital maturity and literacy assessment that can help improve:

  • the ability of leaders to make strategic decisions and allocate resources more effectively
  • our understanding of the development needs and skills gaps in the workforce
  • the recruitment and retention of great people
  • the ability of organisations to test innovative digital solutions
  • collaboration and holistic support
  • equal access to opportunities and support using digital resources
  • the ability of the workforce to practice more personalised care under increasing pressures and expectations.

What's the difference between 'digital maturity' and 'data maturity'?

As part of a separate project, we're also working with local authorities to learn more about their data maturity.

‘Data maturity’ refers to the readiness of an organisation to make best use of the data it holds.

Visit our data maturity assessment page to find out more about that project.

Find out more

To find out more about the digital maturity and literacy work, please email workforcestrategy@socialcare.wales.

First published: 4 April 2024
Last updated: 7 June 2024
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