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Adult care home worker registration

Information about the registration of adult care home workers, including how to register, guidance for employers and what happens after workers become registered.

Who are adult care home workers?

Adult care home workers are workers who are employed by a care home service providing accommodation together with nursing or care at a place in Wales. Care home services are registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

Job titles may not be called ‘adult care home worker’, but if a worker provides care and support to adults in an accommodation and care setting and the place of work is registered with CIW they will need to register with us.

If qualified nurses are only providing nursing care then they wouldn’t need to register with us, however, they will need to register if they are providing care and support as described above. Even if a nurse is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) they will still need to register with us if they fall within the definition of an adult care home worker.

When do workers need to register?

The Register opens to adult care home workers on a voluntary basis from 1 April 2020.

How to register

There are three ways to register before registration becomes mandatory for adult care home workers from October 2022.

1. Register with a qualification

For workers who have a practice qualification Level 2 or 3 in health and social care (Diploma, QCF or NVQ) or equivalent.

Next steps:

2. Register following induction

Workers who are new to social care can register by completing the All Wales induction framework or the Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award.

Next steps:

Managers will be able to support with the option which is most suitable for a worker to complete.

The All Wales induction framework for health and social care (AWIF) is a workbook based course which covers the principles, values, knowledge and skills workers need to carry out their role competently. The next steps are:

  • There are five sections to the AWIF, each section contains progress logs and workbooks to support the worker in their learning.
  • The worker will need to complete the workbooks and have these assessed by their manager, who will be able to provide the worker with a certificate of completion.
  • Submit the certificate as evidence to support the application to register.
  • Once registered, the worker will need to complete a required practice qualification by the time they have to renew their registration in three years’ time.

The Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award course and assessment (adults) is a question and answer workbook and online multiple choice assessment that managers will need to nominate a worker to complete. The worker will receive email notification of this with joining instructions. The next steps are:

3. Register with experience if a worker doesn’t have a required qualification

For workers who have worked for three of the past five years in a relevant social care role but have no recognised qualification. Managers will assess workers against the required competencies and provide a signed declaration to confirm your competence as a lawful, safe and effective practitioner.

Next steps:

  • Get the worker’s competence certified by their manager.
  • Once their manager has confirmed the worker’s competence, apply to register on SCWonline.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee for registering as an adult care home worker is £30.

More information on registration fees.

What responsibilities do employers have?

As part of the application process, employers will be asked to:

  • confirm a worker's competence to register (if a worker is registering without a qualification)
  • endorse applications
  • verify the identity of the worker when applying if required.

See more information on employer responsibilities.

What happens after registration?

Workers will need to pay an annual fee to maintain their registration and submit an application to renew their registration every three years. This can be done through their SCWonline account.

More information on renewing registration.

What happens if workers don't follow the Code of Practice?

We will only look into a worker’s practice when a concern has been raised. We will consider whether a worker’s fitness to practise is impaired (negatively affected).

If a worker is not fit to practise they can be removed from the Register and won't be able to practice in Wales.

More information on how we deal with concerns.

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