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New report helps shape our support for digital innovation

New report helps shape our support for digital innovation

| Social Care Wales

A new report has highlighted gaps in the current support for digital innovation in social care in Wales.

We commissioned Basis to produce the report to help guide our actions to support innovation in the sector.

Basis works with public services, non-government organisations and charities to help them overcome complex challenges, through consulting, coaching and training.

Basis spent three months working with us and our partners to get a better idea of the existing support for digital innovation in Wales and across the UK, reviewing what’s worked and where the gaps are in Wales.

The report used analysis based on desk research, interviews with stakeholders and experts, and a new ‘digital database’ of existing support. We created the database to support this review.

What we learned

  • A lack of strategic leadership is holding back digital innovation in social care, with a bias towards health-focused initiatives and limited resources in social care.
  • The social care workforce lacks the digital skills needed to make the most of available technologies.
  • There needs to be better coordination and review processes to avoid duplication of effort, and to promote the wider use of digital technologies.
  • Digital inclusion is vital, and stakeholders and people who use care and support should be involved in shaping and supporting the growth of digital innovation.


We have an important role to play in tackling the skills gap and supporting digital innovation in the sector. The report recommends that we:

  • prioritise digital inclusion and make sure all areas of social care are digitally included
  • strengthen our role in shaping and encouraging digital innovation by identifying the biggest problems and involving social care staff and people who use care and support
  • use what we learn from data to guide our work around digital innovation
  • use the new digital database to assess and develop the system of support for digital innovation in social care in Wales
  • work with Digital Communities Wales and others to address workforce skills gaps through a skills audit and appropriate training programmes
  • promote stakeholder involvement and co-production in future digital innovation initiatives.
Find out more

Please contact research@socialcare.wales if you’d like a copy of the full Basis report.

You can also visit the Life Sciences Hub Wales website to read a blog about digital inclusion which was written by Aimee Twinberrow, our digital innovation lead.