What is registration?

Find out who must register to work in Wales, why we register workers and the benefits of registration.

What is Registration

We keep a register of people who have shown they are suitable to work in social care in Wales by:

​The Register of Social Care Workers

The Register of Social Care Workers (the Register) was set up under the Care Standards Act 2000.

Under the Regulation and Inspection Act 2016 we maintain the Register.

We use the Social Care Wales (Registration) Rules 2018, these rules are approved by Welsh Government and are the legal framework for registering the social care workforce.

We produce regular reports on the data held on the Register. These reports can be found here

Current number registered

On the Register there are:

  • 6,367 people on the social work part of the Register
  • 237 residential child care managers
  • 1,305 adult care home managers
  • 825 domiciliary care managers
  • 2,947 residential child care workers
  • 3,892 domiciliary care workers
  • 552 social work students
  • 1 residential family centre manager

Figures last updated on 11.09.2019

Check if a social care worker is registered with us.

Who needs to register

All social workers and social care managers must register once they have completed their qualification or upon starting in post.

Residential child care workers and domiciliary care workers must register within six months of starting in post.

For more information you can find the required or recommended qualifications for different job roles within social care and regulated childcare in Wales.

Who is suitable for work in social care?

Everyone on the Register must show they:

  • are appropriately qualified
  • are physically and mentally fit to practise
  • have the character and competence
  • agree to follow the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care
  • intend to practise social care in Wales
  • will practise in the field their application relates to their application for registration.

If the above are not satisfied we can refuse registration. We can also impose sanctions including restrictions on working or training.

If there are any questions about a registered person’s suitability to work in social care, we will investigate.

What are the benefits of registration?

There are benefits to being a registered person:

Building trust and confidence

  • people can rely on registered social care workers 
  • people have confidence knowing you follow the Code

Valuing social care workers

  • you can show you have the skills and knowledge to be a social care worker
  • you can show you're trained and take responsibility for developing knowledge and skills
  • employers can provide the support and development you need
  • knowing more about you will help us plan ways to support you.

Making sure people are safe

  • protect people’s rights and make sure they are listened to
  • support people to be independent and protect themselves
  • if a worker is not fit to practise they can be removed from the Register and unable to practice in Wales. 

Other benefits

  • legally using the title of your profession
  • support and information from our practice guidance documents, profiles and publications
  • invitations to events and conferences
  • invitations to consultations

You can keep your registration information and PRTL up to date using SCWonline.

Other UK regulatory bodies

If you decide to work outside of Wales, you will need to contact the regulatory body for that country. 

In the UK these are:

Contact us

If you have a question you can Contact us.

Last updated: 24 June 2019