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Social services and well-being

​Regional Partnership Boards

In April 2016, seven statutory regional partnerships came into being. Their purpose is to drive the strategic regional delivery of social services in close collaboration with health.

Download a map of the Regional Partnership Boards

The regional agenda in social services and skills is part of an important wider reform agenda for public services in Wales.

In October 2016, the Local Government Secretary announced a new way of regional working across public services that “would be systematic and mandatory”.

He said: “This will give local authorities more resilience in terms of staffing and finance and ensure that services are planned and delivered on the right scale.”

Regional Partnership Board workshop event

The PowerPoint presentations below formed part of a Regional Partnership Board workshop event, which was held on 2 November 2016 in Wrexham.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the responsibilities of the regional partnership board with regards to joint commissioning and explore the tools that can be used to support this. The event also looked at the responsibilities of the board with regards to engaging with the third sector and explored how the boards can effectively use this engagement.

Presentation 1 – IPC

Presentation 2 – Pooled funds

Presentation 3 – Wales Co-operative Centre

Presentation 4 – Overview of the National Commissioning Board

Presentation 5 – National Commissioning Board matrix

Presentation 6 – Mencap Cymru

Presentation 7 – Third sector engagement

Presentation 8 – Regional partnership boards and carers

Content updated on 05 April 2017

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