As the ageing population increases, dementia will affect more people. This is one of the major health and social care challenges facing Wales. This page is about the role we play in supporting this challenge. This is one of the three key areas of improvement identified for Social Care Wales to take forward this year.

There are currently just over 37,000 people living with dementia in Wales.

By 2021 this it is estimated that this will rise by 31% and by as much as 44% in some rural areas. This will have a bigger and greater impact on individuals and communities in Wales.

Each person, carer and family member has a unique experience of dementia. However, there are some areas where we know that things need to be done to improve social care for people living with dementia. This includes making sure that people can find the care and support they need in rural communities, and using Welsh where it is people’s first language.

Social Care Wales produced a learning and development framework for dementia care and support. The framework was developed in partnership with NHS Wales and Public Health Wales.

We will build on this work to improve social care for people living with dementia. We will also work with the Welsh Government to make sure our work aligns with the National Dementia Strategy for Wales

This work will align to other national activity across Wales including:

As this work evolves, information will be added to this page.