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People with dementia

As the ageing population increases, dementia will affect more people and is one of the major health and social care challenges facing Wales.

An introduction to people with dementia

Dementia is one of our national priority areas, along with care and support at home and children who are looked after.

We know that things need to be done to improve social care for people living with dementia, including making sure people can find the care and support they need in rural communities, and using Welsh where it is people’s first language.

One in a Million: Dementia Training Resource

A two and a half hour classroom-based training package to help those who work with people with dementia.

The session will give your staff a better understanding of dementia and its different forms and helps you achieve the aims of the Good Work Dementia learning and development framework.

Staff will also learn practical tips about improving the day-to-day experiences of people with dementia. The package includes guidance notes and video to support the facilitator.

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To find out more about the training, please watch the video below:

Dementia resource for care professionals

Dementia resource for care professionals

A resource to support good practice in dementia care by giving access to essential information, case studies, data, and research.

Other useful resources for dementia care

We have also produced a learning and development framework for dementia care, developed in partnership with NHS Wales and Public Health Wales:

We're building on this work to improve social care for people living with dementia. We're also working with the Welsh Government and partner organisations to ensure our work aligns with national activity across Wales: