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Carole Taylor

Registration number:
25/03/2020 - 25/03/2020
Adult care home manager
Removal by Agreement
Previously Fairways Care Ltd
No panel hearing held, Removal by Agreement process


Removal by Agreement means that through this process, a registered person can apply to be removed from the Register without being referred to a Panel.

The decision to agree to the application is made at a Case Conference. A registered person can apply for this at any stage in the fitness to practise process.

Applying for removal by agreement does not mean that a registered person has the right to be removed, but it enables Social Care Wales to agree to removal in an appropriate case.

The decision whether to agree the application is made taking into account whether the allegation involves exceptional public interest issues.

Decision on facts

1. The registered person, Ms Carole Taylor, first registered with Social Care Wales as an Adult Care Home Manager on 8 September 2017.

2. Ms Taylor was employed by Fairways Care Ltd as Nurse Manager from 11 September 2017 until she resigned on 25 July 2018.

3. Ms Taylor was also registered as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). In order to remain on the NMC's register as a registered nurse, Ms Taylor had to go through a process of revalidation every three years.

4. The requirements for revalidation are as follows:

• 450 practice hours in the last three years;

• 35 hours of CPD, including 20 hours of participatory learning;

• Five pieces of practice – related feedback;

• Five written reflective accounts;

• Reflective discussion with another NMC registrant;

• Health and character declaration;

• Professional indemnity arrangement;

• Confirmation with another NMC registrant and/or Line Manager.

5. The requirement for a reflective discussion with another NMC registrant is about the five written reflective accounts on the individual's practice and how this relates to the Code (i.e. the NMC's Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates).

6. Ms Taylor submitted to the NMC an application for revalidation dated 16 July 2018 in which she stated that she:

(a) had a reflective discussion with Colleague A on 12 July 2018, and

(b) had received confirmation from Colleague A on 12 July 2018.

7. Both of the above statements on Ms Taylor's application for revalidation were false.

8. Colleague A had agreed to assist Ms Taylor in her revalidation, but nothing further had happened. On 20 July 2018, Ms Taylor informed Colleague A that she had completed her revalidation online using Colleague A's PIN and naming Colleague A in the process. Ms Taylor told Colleague A that she had gone into Colleague A's office in her absence and found Colleague A's PIN in the staff file and then submitted the online form.

9. When these facts came to her attention, Colleague A referred Ms Taylor to the NMC. The matter was considered by a panel of the Investigating Committee of the NMC on 30 July 2019. Ms Taylor faced the following charges:

(1) On your application for revalidation dated 16 July 2018, you stated that you had a reflective discussion with Colleague A on 12 July 2018, when no such reflective discussion had taken place;

(2) On your application for revalidation dated 16 July 2018 you stated that you had received confirmation on 12 July 2018 from Colleague A, when you had not received such confirmation.

And thereby and entry on sub-part 1 of the NMC Register in the name of Carole Ann Taylor, PIN 94C1798E, was fraudulently procured or incorrectly made.

10. The panel found that both charges proved. The panel also found that Ms Taylor had deliberately submitted her revalidation form with false and misleading information. The panel concluded that Ms Taylor had deliberately and fraudulently chosen to submit a revalidation form for the purposes of misleading the NMC Registrar and directed that Ms Taylor's name should be removed from the NMC's register.

11. Pending any possible appeal by Ms Taylor, the NMC's panel determined that it was necessary to impose an interim suspension order on the grounds that such an order was necessary to protect the public and was otherwise in the public interest. Ms Taylor did not appeal the decision of the NMC's panel.

12. A copy of the decision of the NMC's panel is annexed to this statement of agreed facts. Ms Taylor admits that the findings of the NMC's panel were correct.

13. Ms Taylor admits the facts set out in this statement and in the annexed NMC decision.

Decision on disposal

Removed from the Register by Removal by Agreement process