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Why it’s vital we show our social care workforce just how much we value them

Why it’s vital we show our social care workforce just how much we value them

| Sue Evans, our Chief Executive

Earlier this month, we published the results of our first ever survey of the registered social care workforce in Wales.

More than 3,100 workers from a range of roles took part in the survey, which we carried out with Opinion Research Services between March and May this year.

The survey asked the workforce to tell us what they thought about topics such as health and well-being, pay and conditions, and what they like about working in the sector.

The results revealed that 63 per cent started working in social care because they wanted to make a difference to people’s lives.

Seventy-six per cent of workers told us they feel valued by the people and families they support, but just 44 per cent said the same about the public.

This is a real call to action for us all to do more to support our dedicated workforce and to show them just how much we appreciate the vital and valuable role they have in supporting our most vulnerable citizens and their families in Wales.

Just 26 per cent of workers told us they were satisfied with their current level of pay, with 33 per cent saying they’re finding it difficult to manage financially.

A lot is being done by the Welsh Government, ourselves and others to support our incredible social care workers, but the results show we need to do more.

One of the ways we’re trying to support social workers in Wales is by bringing them together for two conferences this autumn.

The conferences, which we’ve organised with BASW Cymru, will celebrate the inspirational work and positive impact social workers have on the lives of the people they support.

The conferences aim to send a clear message to our social workers that their profession is valued by ourselves, Welsh Government, public bodies, employers and the public.

We’ll use the conferences as an opportunity to highlight the range of resources and support available for social work practitioners and to help them effectively look after their well-being.

Elsewhere, we’re also working with our partners to look at the training and support arrangements that are in place for newly-qualified social workers in Wales, and reviewing our guidance for social workers during their first three years in practice.

Last month, we launched the 2024 Accolades, our annual awards that recognise, celebrate and share excellent social work, social care, childcare, play and early years work in Wales.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital we take this time to celebrate the fantastic work we know is happening across the care sector and to say thank you to our dedicated and committed workforce.

We’re keen to get as many entries and nominations as possible for this year’s awards to help us share those positive examples of services and workers who are making a real positive difference to the lives of the people of Wales.

So, if you’re a team, project or organisation providing excellent care and support, I’d encourage you to enter this year’s Accolades so your achievements can be recognised.

Or, if you know of someone who makes people’s lives better through the care and support they provide, why not nominate them for one of our awards for workers and volunteers?

Find out more about the 2024 Accolades and how to enter or nominate a worker