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Current qualification accepted

Recommended for practice:

Social care qualification that appears on this Qualification Framework appropriate to the level and function.


Learning and development qualification that complies with the Best Practice Guidance for Learning and Assessment of Social Care, the Care of Children and Young People and Early Years in Wales.

Registration is not required

Other qualifications accepted

  1. Social Work qualification approved by Social Care Wales

  2. MSC OM5 (Operational Management)

  3. MSC SM5 (Strategic Management)

  4. Level 4 Leadership and Management for Care Services

  5. NVQ 4 Management (Assessed in a Social Care Setting)

  6. NVQ 4 Health and Social Care (Adults / Children and Young People)

  7. NVQ 4 Care

  8. NVQ 4 Training and Development Lead Body (TDLB)

Induction requirements

It is the responsibility of employers and the service provider to make sure that everyone working at the service receives an induction that’s appropriate to their role – this includes managers. This induction is expected to be robust and accessible to prepare them for new and changing roles and responsibilities.

It is also expected that all new managers will receive The Social Care Manager – practice guidance for social care managers registered with Social Care Wales as part of their induction, along with the Code of Practice for Social Care Employers.