Children who are looked after
Improving outcomes for children who are looked after or care experienced is one of our three national priority areas for improvement in Wales

Who are children who are looked after?

Children and young people who are ‘looked after’ don't live with their parents, either temporarily or permanently, because for many reasons they can't safely take care of them. 

As of 31 March 2018, over 6000 children in Wales are looked after away from home, mostly living with:

  • extended family members or friends
  • foster carers
  • in residential child care (including residential school)
  • adopters
  • living independently.

Many of them experience placement moves (10 per cent had lived in three homes or more in 2016/17), often far from home. 

Children are looked after largely through experiencing abuse, trauma and/or neglect. They need high quality care, and the right help at the right time. We know children do best when they have consistent, stable relationships and live in a safe home, so we’re working with partners to support the people who care for these children.

We know we need to improve social care for care experienced children, including supporting them to be physically and mentally well, to reach their goals, and use the Welsh language if they choose.

The Residential child care worker resource

We've developed an online resource for residential child care professionals. The resource will support good practice by giving access to essential information, case studies, data, and research. 

How are we helping to improve outcomes for children who are looked after?

We work with Welsh Government’s Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) on improving outcomes for children to:

  • safely reduce the number of children in need of care
  • have sufficient, high quality placements
  • support children to have the best possible journeys through care and into adulthood
  • develop a sustainable workforce and good professional practice to support children who are looked after.

We're working with residential child care providers to support them to develop their workers and improve the quality of care that is offered to children living in residential homes.    

We also register workers and managers in children’s homes and you can search our register to find information about them. 

Some of our other work to support children who are looked after includes: 

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Last updated: 02 April 2019