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The Accolades

The Accolades are awards that recognise, celebrate and share excellent work by organisations, groups or teams in social care, early years and childcare.

What are the Accolades?

In 2020, the Accolades will be awarded to teams, groups or organisations that:

  • have had a positive effect on people who receive care and support
  • support staff development
  • help improve services
  • meet people’s equality, diversity and language needs.

Winning an Accolade showcases your achievements and is an opportunity to share your best practice and what you have learned with others.

Your work helping people who receive care and support achieve the things that matter most to them will also present a positive image of social care, and early years and childcare to the public.

Who can enter the Accolades?

The Accolades are open to any team, group or organisation that provides social care, and early years and childcare in Wales.

We are looking for applications from every area – the voluntary, private or statutory sectors. The care and support you provide can be residential or community-based, large or small. You can be working with children or adults.

Sometimes people don’t realise how impressive their work is, so if you know a project that’s eligible – no matter how big or small – please pass this information on to them and encourage them to enter.

Accolades categories

Building bright futures with children and families

Celebrating projects working with children, young people and families to help them achieve what matters to them

Developing and inspiring the workforce of tomorrow

Celebrating projects using effective, creative and innovative approaches to developing the workforce to meet current and future demands and expectations

Approaches may cover learning, development and/or qualifications

Improving care and support at home together

Celebrating the benefits of working together to support the well-being of people living in their own home

Innovative and inspiring ways of working

Celebrating projects trying out new ways of working to support people who access social care or early years and childcare

Working with and listening to people living with dementia

Celebrating projects that put people living with dementia at the heart of their work so those living with dementia can achieve what matters to them

How to enter the Accolades

This year, there are two ways you can enter – by completing a written application form or producing a short video. You can download the entry forms for both methods below.

When you enter, make it clear which category you are entering – you can only enter one category per entry form. If you want to enter two or more categories, you must submit a separate entry form for each one.

Before completing your entry form or making your video, read the information pack and the guidelines we’ve set out in the entry form. And use evidence from your work to explain your answers.

Before submitting your entry, make sure you have read and understood the rules of entry, which you can find in the information pack. Send us your completed entry by 5pm, Friday 15 November 2019.

Good luck!

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Last updated: 11 October 2019