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Our 2030 net zero carbon action plan

We’ve developed Our 2030 net zero carbon action plan to help us minimise our activities’ carbon footprint and to identify how we can support Welsh Government to realise its ‘Social care decarbonisation route map towards net zero by 2030’. 

The plan sets out how we will: 

  • decarbonise or minimise our activities’ carbon footprint, and how we’ll calculate our carbon footprint to help us monitor our progress towards net zero 
  • work with, influence and support other organisations to help them think about how they can decarbonise or minimise their activities’ carbon footprint 
  • educate and influence the behaviours of our staff and the wider social care sector by thinking about decarbonisation at every stage in the planning and provision of our services, and by promoting good and innovative decarbonisation practises.

Our action plan has seven themes:   

  • strategy 
  • policy 
  • procurement  
  • managing our facilities  
  • information 
  • collaboration and initiatives to support the social care sector 
  • personal behaviours. 
First published: 28 November 2023
Last updated: 4 December 2023
Series last updated: 4 December 2023
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