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Social Care Workforce Development Programme Grant 2018/19

Social Care Workforce Development Programme Grant 2018/19

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  • This consultation is now closed

Since April 2017, the Social Care Workforce Development Grant forms a key aspect of the remit of Social Care Wales. Whilst it was agreed that 2017/2018 would see no change to the administration or delivery of the grant, Social Care Wales would now like to seek feedback on how this grant is delivered and administered from 2018/2019 onwards.

As a result of initial scoping work, the proposed principles to underpin the future operation of the grant are as follows:

  • Promote the effective development of the current and future social care workforce to enhance skills and capacity
  • Encourage and develop its partnership focus at a regional level
  • Be based on a matched funding approach
  • Focus on measurable and achievable key strategic priorities
  • Act as the main route for Social Care Wales to distribute any training and development financial resources to the sector
  • Be administered in line with good practice
  • Support long term sustainable planning for Learning & Development

The link that follows explains our thinking behind each of these principles in a bit more detail and we would really value your feedback on the proposed principles and any additional principles to underpin the grant in future. Feedback should be sent to SCWDP@socialcare.wales by 25th September 2017.