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A new vision for better data to benefit people needing care and support

A new vision for better data to benefit people needing care and support

| Social Care Wales

Julie Morgan, the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, will today launch A Statement of Strategic Intent, a new vision to improve how social care data is used to benefit people needing care and support in Wales.

The statement by the Welsh Government and us shows our commitment to bring about the best possible outcomes for people who are receiving care and support services in Wales. The vision sets out how we will engage with people about using their data to benefit them and supports the ambitions set out in the Welsh Government’s Digital Strategy for Wales.

Mick Giannasi, our Chair, said: “I would like to thank the Deputy Minister for her confidence in letting us lead on this ambitious vision, which aims to create a strong data culture and data leadership in Wales.

“We are committed to using data ethically to improve care decisions and planning to help meet the needs of people and communities. By realising this vision, we will enable people in Wales to communicate their needs more effectively, and receive a more personalised advice, care and support system.”

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, said: “Covid-19 has shown the value of data when planning care and support services, and the way in which these services are provided to the public. By working in partnership, we will collect better and more meaningful data, and we will share it more effectively and safely between organisations.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners in health and other sectors to achieve the statement’s long-term future vision of a seamless, whole system approach to social care, health and well-being.”

Read the Statement of strategic intent