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Data maturity questionnaire sent to local authorities

Data maturity questionnaire sent to local authorities

| Social Care Wales

We’re carrying out research into social care data maturity in Wales.

As part of that project, local authorities have been sent a questionnaire that asks about different aspects of how they use social care data.

We’ve commissioned Alma Economics to help us carry out this work. They’ve sent out the questionnaire and will be collecting the responses.

We recently contacted local authorities to ask who’d be best suited to managing this process in their organisation. To complete the survey effectively, those people may also need to call on the experience and expertise of other colleagues, including:

  • social care practitioners
  • social care analytical teams
  • social care data managers
  • ICT and digital services colleagues
  • social care managers.

The questionnaire will be open for a month, and we expect it’ll take one to two days to complete, including time for discussions with colleagues. This time can be spread across the month, and the questionnaire doesn’t have to be completed in one go.

At the end of the process, we’ll send each local authority a summary report and feedback on what steps it can take to improve its data maturity. These summary reports won’t be shared outside of the organisation they relate to.

Once all 22 local authorities have been assessed, a report outlining the national picture will be published on our website. This report will give us an overview of the social care data landscape in Wales. Local authorities will remain anonymous in this report.

Support with completing the questionnaire

Alma Economics will be on hand to help with any questions you might have about completing the questionnaire.

They’ll be holding weekly virtual drop-in sessions where you can ask anything about the questionnaire or the assessment process.

Please contact datamaturity@almaeconomics.com if you’d like to attend one of these sessions, or if you have any questions.

Find out more

To find out more about the project, visit our data maturity assessment page, or contact Jeni Meyrick, our Information Governance Lead, on jeni.meyrick@socialcare.wales.