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Former social workers invited to return to practise

Former social workers invited to return to practise

| Social Care Wales

Social Care Wales has invited all social workers who have left the profession to consider re-joining in the current emergency.

A new temporary registration has been made available to those social workers who have left in the past three years, with a fast-track application and no fee to pay.

David Pritchard, Registrar at Social Care Wales, said: “Social care is at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus. We are asking all past social workers to consider coming back to support our services at this critical time. Our message to former social workers is - simply get in touch and we will make sure you can regain your professional registration to practise.”

Local authorities are keen to recruit more care staff at this difficult time. The new registration arrangements are intended to make sure everyone who wants to support the fight against coronavirus can do so without delay.

More information on COVID-19: temporary registration of social workers.