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New report plots way forward for better data collection and sharing to benefit people needing care and support in Wales

26 November 2020
Social Care Wales

A new report looking at how data can better support the social care sector and improve services for the people of Wales has been launched.

The report highlights the importance of high-quality and reliable data and suggests better ways of how it can be collected, shared and used to deliver social care.

It proposes a national strategic approach to social care data which will support social services and social care in Wales and meet the needs of people and communities.

Partners within the sector agree on the importance of collecting reliable data and using it in a way that improves care and support services for people who need them.

The report brings these voices together, looks at how to improve the current situation and suggests next steps for putting its proposals into action.

Albert Heaney, Welsh Government’s Deputy Director General for Health and Social Services, said: “The use of data allows us to improve the way we are able to provide people with care and support in a secure and responsible way.

He continued: “I want Wales to become a data rich nation, able to make the best use of this valuable asset in delivering the highest quality care and support, and support for carers – and this is our first important step in achieving that goal.”

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, explained why data sharing between services is so important. She said: “The Welsh Government’s A Healthier Wales is a long-term plan to bring health and social care services closer together, so they are designed and delivered around the needs of individuals. The plan has a much greater emphasis on keeping people healthy and well.

Sue continued: “We need to change how we work, to collect meaningful data, and use and share it more effectively between organisations, to better meet the needs of those people who use care and support services.”

The report, a strategic approach to social care data in Wales, was put together in partnership with the National Data Resource Programme and NHS Wales Informatics Service and supported by Welsh Government.

The report is available here