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Our leadership role for social care in partnership with Administrative Data Research Wales

Our leadership role for social care in partnership with Administrative Data Research Wales

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We’ve partnered with Administrative Data Research (ADR) Wales to lead on the social care theme in the ADR Wales programme of work .

ADR Wales is part of the ADR UK investment. ADR UK brings together data and approved researchers to enable research that can inform policy decisions and more effective public services. In Wales, ADR Wales is made up of data science experts, leading academics from Swansea University and Cardiff University and specialist teams within Welsh Government. Together they produce data-driven evidence that can help to shape future policy decisions in Wales.

‘Administrative data’ refers to information that’s collected when we interact with public services. It can be de-identified, which means that individuals cannot be identified through the use of this linked data. When we link data it provides important knowledge and powerful insights into our society, helping us see where change is needed.

Sue Evans, Chief Executive, Social Care Wales

“We're delighted to be working with ADR Wales to develop the potential of linked data research for social care. Using administrative data offers researchers exciting opportunities to answer new and different questions about the need and impact for care and support in Wales.”

We’ll be working with researchers, local authorities, third sector organisations, independent providers, public involvement groups and community groups to communicate and promote the benefits of linked data research.

We want to:

  • create a community of stakeholders who have experience of, or are interested in, linked data research projects
  • refine research priorities and scope projects in more detail
  • set up an adult social care data research group.

You can find out more about ADR Wales here, or watch the ADR Wales overview video.

Need more information?

Take a look at our Linked Data Research page for more information.

If you have any questions about this work or if you’d like to be involved, contact Tara Hughes and Lynsey Cross, our ADR work leads, at tara.hughes@SocialCare.Wales and lynsey.cross@SocialCare.Wales.