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Social care summer school: Pembrokeshire pupils get a taste of careers in social care

Social care summer school: Pembrokeshire pupils get a taste of careers in social care

| Social Care Wales

Pupils at Haverfordwest VC High School have been the first to receive a new type of introduction to social care training.

The social care summer school is a training programme for schools, designed to get young people interested in a career in social care.

More than 40 pupils across two year groups took part in the summer school.

Year 13 pupils took part in a day and a half of workshops, presented by social care professionals. The workshops:

  • helped pupils understand the essential skills and qualities needed by those who work in social care
  • talked about the kind of people who use social care and their needs
  • helped pupils understand the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, the legislation that underpins social care in Wales
  • gave an overview of some of the responsibilities and duties of those working in social care, including consent, confidentiality and safeguarding.

Pupils were also given practical advice to help them follow a career in social care. These included information about qualifications and training, and how to find and prepare for work.

Year 10 pupils were given half a day of awareness training about how social care supports people to live their life the way they want.

The summer school programme is a partnership between WeCare Wales, Careers Wales and Leanne McFarland, the West Wales Regional Connector.

The ‘introduction to social care’ young person’s programme

Young people interested in social care, or considering a career in the sector, can join the young person’s introduction to social care programme.

The young person’s programme is a tailored training programme which aims to give young people an overview of social care. It explains:

  • roles within social care
  • qualities and expectations of a social care worker
  • how to find a job in social care
  • duty of care, risk and safeguarding
  • the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014
  • multi-agency working
  • communication and barriers
  • confidentiality and consent
  • promoting independence
  • personal resilience and well-being.

The training takes a day and a half to complete, and is suitable for young people aged 14 to 17 years. It will run in August and October. To book a place or find out more, phone 02920 780596 or email contact@wecare.wales.