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Social workers and social care managers can now access NHS Wales e-Library

Social workers and social care managers can now access NHS Wales e-Library

| Social Care Wales

Social workers and social care managers in Wales can now access the NHS Wales e-Library, opening up a range of high-quality resources to support their practice.

The e-Library’s wealth of e-journals, e-books, guidelines and databases is now available digitally to nearly 10,000 people working in social care across Wales, including social workers and managers, care home managers, residential child care managers, and domiciliary care managers.

Charlotte Drury, Service Manager for Well-being and Family Support at Monmouthshire Council, is looking forward to accessing the e-Library’s resources. She said: “Having access to current research will be a huge benefit in making sure practice remains relevant and up to date.”

This new access comes as part of ongoing work between us, social care workers, researchers, NHS Wales and Welsh Government library services.

By working together, the e-Library collections have grown and new material relevant to social care, including databases, e-books and e-journals, has been added.

The e-Library is available through a self-registration account for social workers and social care managers, who can now sign in using their preferred device, at home, work, or wherever and whenever they need.

You can find more details on how to sign up on our information page or by e-mailing elibraryaccess@socialcare.wales.