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The latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19)

The latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19)

| Social Care Wales

Find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes the latest information from the Welsh Government - Coronavirus and Public Health Wales, as well as specific guidance for those who provide care and support for others. Soon, we will also be providing answers to some of the more common questions we are being asked by people working in social care, early years and childcare Wales.

Public Health Wales has information on:

  • the latest situation on coronavirus in Wales, including the number of cases
  • how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus
  • what to do if you have symptoms
  • self-isolation, including questions and answers.

There is more specific information for those providing:

There is also guidance on infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

While this information may include specific references to England, the general advice still applies to the whole of the UK.

(This information is only available in English).

You can download printable posters in Welsh and English for your workplace that provide advice to employees who have symptoms of coronavirus and to those who need to isolate themselves at home.