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Social Work

7 Areas

The following standards were revised in 2011. The consultation exercise in Wales included people who use services, carers, employers, practitioners, government officials, representatives from further and higher education and from professional bodies.

NOS have numerous uses in the workplace or in the development of the individual. These include defining roles at work, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisal, identifying training or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs, and staff planning. They help maintain high quality social care services.

NOS are also a valuable tool to be used as benchmarks for qualifications and the social work degree is based upon the NOS for Social Work.


Functional map

Functional map / key roles for social work NOS

Key role 1 - Maintain professional accountability

Maintain an up to date knowledge and evidence

Develop social work practice through supervision and reflection

Key role 2 - Practise professional social work

Manage your role as a professional social worker

Exercise professional judgement in social work

Manage ethical issues, dilemmas and conflicts

Practise social work in multi-disciplinary contexts

Prepare professional reports and records relating to people

Key role 3 - Promote engagement and participation

Prepare for social work involvement

Engage people in social work practice

Support people to participate in decision-making processes

Advocate on behalf of others

Key role 4 - Assess needs, risks and circumstances

Assess needs, risks and circumstances in partnership with those involved

Investigate harm or abuse

Key role 5 - Plan for person centred outcomes

Plan in partnership to address short and longer term issues

Agree risk management plans to promote independence and responsibility

Agree plans where there is risk of harm or abuse

Key role 6 - Take actions to achieve change

Apply methods and models of social work intervention to promote change

Access resources to support person centred outcomes

Evaluate outcomes of social work practice

Disengage at the end of social work involvement