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Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting
These standards have a specific focus on commissioning activities within the context of social care, including joint activities with partners such as health service commissioners.

They have numerous uses in the workplace or in the development of the workforce. These include;

  • defining roles at work
  • staff recruitment
  • supervision and appraisal
  • benchmarks for qualifications
  • identifying, developing or commissioning training
  • identifying Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs
  • staff planning.


  • Prepare - Engagement with individuals and other stakeholders

  • Prepare - Governance and management

  • Prepare - Project management

  • Prepare - Knowledge and skills training

  • Analyse - Establish outcomes and priorities

  • Analyse - Develop options

  • Plan - Strategy and policy

  • Plan - Work in partnership

  • Secure services - Develop the market

  • Secure services - Service procurement and contracting

  • Review - Manage and monitor contracts

  • Review - Review and evaluate commissioning activity