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55 employers sign up to new guaranteed interview scheme

55 employers sign up to new guaranteed interview scheme

| Social Care Wales

More than 50 employers have signed up to a new scheme to help more people get work in social care.

The scheme, which is run by WeCare Wales, will help anyone who’s completed the Introduction to Social Care programme get an interview, making it easier for them to get a job in social care.

The scheme is a partnership with social care employers across Wales and helps both people looking for jobs and employers.

It speeds up the hiring process, so people can get into work more quickly and gives them the advantage over other people applying for the same jobs.

It also helps employers find the right people for the right jobs, and means they can choose people who are really interested in social care work.

How it works

When people complete the Introduction to Social Care programme, WeCare Wales gives them a list of employers who have signed up to the guaranteed interview scheme.

Anyone who’s completed the programme can contact these employers to arrange a formal interview for a position in their company.

WeCare Wales can also direct them to the WeCare Wales jobs portal, which advertises jobs with social care employers, including those who are part of the guaranteed interview scheme.

A WeCare Wales work coach is also on hand to give candidates training to sharpen their interview skills, so they’re ready to take their first steps in a social care career.

“An excellent scheme”

The scheme launched in July after a successful pilot with Newport-based Pobl Group, a non-profit housing, care and support provider. Pobl has already placed three people through the guaranteed interview scheme.

Richard Barnes, Head of Talent Attraction at Pobl, said:

“It’s an excellent scheme that gives a strong induction to the sector. The people we’ve hired so far have excellent attitudes, good understanding of their new roles and have bright futures ahead of them.”

Get involved

If you’re a social care employer who wants to join the scheme or find out more, WeCare Wales is running an information session on 13 September. Book your place on Eventbrite.