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Award-winning programme helps 35 members of Swansea's African Community Centre get jobs in care

Award-winning programme helps 35 members of Swansea's African Community Centre get jobs in care

| Social Care Wales

More than 70 members of Swansea’s African Community Centre have completed the award-winning WeCare Wales Introduction to social care programme, to help set them on the pathway to a career in care. Of those, 35 have since gone on to work in social care.

Three groups from the African Community Centre completed the three-day online programme in 2022, where they learned about working in social care, which roles are available and the responsibilities that come with them.

The programme, which is a partnership between WeCare Wales, Swansea’s African Community Centre and Swansea Working, is an important step to make sure the social care workforce represents the communities they work in. It also aims to bring more experience and diversity to the workforce.

Those who take part in the African Community Centre programme are assigned a mentor to help get them job-ready, if they decide to start a career in social care. The mentor’s role includes sharing interview skills and discussing which qualifications may be needed.

“Opportunity to thrive”

Sam Thomas, Engagement and Development Lead for WeCare Wales, said:

"WeCare Wales is trying to break down barriers that make it difficult for people to get jobs in social care.

“Our successful Introduction to social care programme shows people that working in social care could be right for them. It gives them the opportunity to thrive in a career they may not have considered.”

Anyone who completes the Introduction to social care programmes can show social care employers their completion certificates as part of the WeCare Wales guaranteed interview scheme to help them find work. This shows employers these candidates are committed and know what to expect from the job.

Following the success of the first three groups, the African Community Centre and WeCare Wales will be running an Introduction to child care programme and more Introduction to social care training later this year.

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