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Lisa Trigg appointed Director of Transformation and Workforce Development at Social Care Wales

Lisa Trigg appointed Director of Transformation and Workforce Development at Social Care Wales

| Social Care Wales

Lisa Trigg has been successfully appointed to the role of Director of Transformation and Workforce Development at Social Care Wales.

Lisa is currently Assistant Director of Research, Data and Innovation at Social Care Wales, a role she’s carried out since 2018.

Since joining Social Care Wales, Lisa has worked across Wales to set up research, innovation and data services for the social care sector. 

Lisa led the development of the Insight Collective support and services, responding to what employers and practitioners told us they needed to improve care and support in Wales. 

Lisa also co-led the development of ‘Ymlaen’, the Wales-wide strategy that gives a long-term vision to, and focus on, using evidence, improvement and innovation to make a positive difference to care and support in Wales.

Before joining Social Care Wales, Lisa spent seven years at the London School of Economics carrying out research on international social care systems and government approaches to improving quality in care for older people. 

She also has extensive experience in supporting significant service improvements in a range of public and private sector organisations in the UK and Australia.

Sue Evans, our Chief Executive, said: “The recruitment agency Goodson Thomas carried out a rigorous and extensive search on our behalf for our next Director of Transformation and Workforce Development.

“Following this process, we’re pleased to announce we’ve appointed Dr Lisa Trigg as our new director.

“Lisa impressed the interview panel with her extensive knowledge of the sector, her demonstrated strategic ability in co-leading the development of ‘Ymlaen’ and her ability to develop services to support the social care sector in Wales. 

Lisa will take up the role in September, replacing Sarah McCarty who’s stepping into the role of Chief Executive in July.

Sarah said: “Congratulations to Lisa on her appointment. Lisa has demonstrated her passion and commitment to the sector. She also has a strong ability to form firm partnerships, which are critical to making sure we are supporting and add value to the social care and early years sectors.”

Lisa said: “I feel privileged to have this opportunity to step into Sarah's shoes and continue to build on the great improvement and workforce development work she's done over the last eight years.

“I've thoroughly enjoyed leading our research, data and innovation work as part of Sarah's directorate and now look forward to also working closely with our talented workforce development and improvement teams.

“I've experienced first-hand the brilliant social care work that’s happening in Wales while supporting my mother over many years and I'm honoured to be taking on a role where I can support this vital workforce.”

Lisa Trigg, our newly appointed Director of Transformation and Workforce Development