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Working in social care, early years and childcare can be hugely rewarding. As a workforce, we change lives for the better.

We can be there at the start of a life to the end, helping people to live the best life they can. We can make a massive difference to the people we support. As a career, that sense of purpose and achievement in a role that is valued can really improve our well-being.

There is already much in the sector that is good for health and well-being. This framework aims to build on what you are already doing and to create a culture of well-being.

Four commitments

We’re asking workplaces to make four commitments:

  1. create safe working environments which are continuously improving and supports health and well-being
  2. fair treatment, dignity and respect for all
  3. establish workplace cultures where everyone is involved and informed
  4. prioritise a culture of continuous learning and development.

We’ve developed the framework and commitments through engagement and feedback. We’ll continue to develop this framework, using emerging data and research and by working with you.

You can contact us on wellbeing@socialcare.wales if you want to be a part of that journey.

First published: 12 June 2023
Last updated: 28 July 2023
Series last updated: 28 March 2024
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