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Commitment 4. prioritise a culture of continuous learning and development

Guidance and resources to help prioritise a culture of continuous learning and development.

Feeling fulfilled in work can improve our well-being. We recognise that working in social care, early years and childcare is a skilled job and our workforce needs to be supported to learn and grow and feel confident and competent in the work that they do. People learn in different ways. We can create positive learning environments where staff are nurtured, feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

As a registered workforce, it’s important we support staff to be trained and offered opportunities to continue their professional development.

This links to the:

In an organisation this means:

  • an inspiring place to work, where we celebrate what we do well
  • a culture of planned, continuous learning and development
  • creating a positive learning environment, where staff can learn from each other
  • training staff adequately and appropriately to do their job from the start
  • supporting staff and managers when they change roles, including moving into management roles
  • equal access to appropriate learning and development opportunities
  • people who want to progress are supported and trained to do so.

As a manager I:

  • inspire others to learn by learning myself
  • encourage people to learn and develop by protecting time for them to do so
  • ask for time for my own learning and development.

As an individual I:

  • take the opportunities to learn when I can
  • share my learning with others in my team or organisation
  • know what I’m required to do to remain competent and knowledgeable.

Where can I see examples?

For organisations
The five ways of working – DEEP Cymru
Helps you create better learning environments.SENSES framework
Helps nurture positive learning environments.
For managers
For workers
For everyone
First published: 12 June 2023
Last updated: 28 July 2023
Series last updated: 28 March 2024
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