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Who this framework is for

This page explains who should use this framework.

This framework is for:

  • Regional Safeguarding Boards
  • safeguarding practitioners with policy responsibilities
  • people who commission safeguarding training, including:
    • workforce or people development teams
    • training departments.
  • people who run safeguarding training including practitioners and professional trainers
  • regulatory bodies, such as Care Inspectorate Wales and Estyn
  • Welsh Government officers with safeguarding responsibilities
  • people who commission care and support services
  • Responsible Individuals
  • managers of care and support services
  • specialist safeguarding practitioners.

The framework is intended for use and reference in all statutory organisations (including health, social services, education, police and probation) and the voluntary and independent sector.

First published: 2 October 2023
Last updated: 13 November 2023
Series last updated: 20 March 2024
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